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Key points


Enjoy the freedom to roam wherever and whenever you want in a campervan, caravan, RV, or motorhome. Choose the affordable million-dollar views for your impromptu weekend getaways or planned vacations.

More holidays

The flexibility of mobile, comfortable accommodation, so you can spend more time getting away and relaxing with family or friends. You won’t need to book hotels and it will be more convenient than camping.

Flexible loan options

  • Conditionally approved loans valid for 30 days
  • Borrow up to 100% for a personal use vehicle
  • Loan terms from 1 to 5 years

     *Lending criteria, feesterms and conditions apply 

AA Expertise

AA Money can connect you to the wider expertise and benefits provided by the AA, including motor vehicle services to help you on your vehicle ownership journey.


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We want you to know exactly where you stand from the very beginning. Our fees are communicated to you up front and there are no hidden costs.



Life's big decisions require trust, and for over 120 years, the AA has supported Kiwis when they need it the most.

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