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Simple and transparent fees and interest rates

All of our charges will be easy to understand and clearly communicated to you. Our fees are listed in the tables below. 

Vehicle Loan Interest Rates

Our vehicle loan rates range from 11.20% to 13.70% p.a. and the actual rate charged will depend on many factors including the amount of lending, the term of the loan and size of the deposit.


*Lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply.

Standard rates and fees effective from 1 November 2023.


Borrowing directly with us

When you borrow through us, your individual interest rate is predominantly based on your credit score. This is a number that provides a prediction of your credit worthiness, which is determined largely by your history of repaying your debts and bills on time and your current likelihood of being able to repay the loan that you are applying for. Credit bureaus collect and assess this information from lenders and other credit providers.

You are likely to improve your credit rating by continuing to repay your loans and other payments on time. If you establish a good repayment track record with us, you are more likely to get a low interest rate the next time that you borrow money from us. 



If we have to charge you any of the following fees, we'll add them to the principal balance of your loan. This means we'll charge interest on these fees until you pay them.

Establishment and account fees

Establishment fee $235 

This fee covers the cost of processing, assessing and approving your finance application. It will only be charged if your finance application is approved.

AA Members receive a discounted establishment fee of $185.^

Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) $10.35

This is the cost to us of searching and registering a security interest on the Personal Property Security Register.

Account maintenance fee $2 per month

This fee will be charged to align with the frequency of your loan repayments and covers the cost of keeping your loan active.



Variation and early settlement fees

Variation fee $25

Charged when a variation, assignment or an unscheduled part prepayment is completed. This fee is payable at the time AA Money consents to the variation, assignment or part pre-payment.

Early settlement $7 plus a variable amount

If you repay your loan in full before the final payment then two different fees are charged:

1. A fixed administration fee to cover the cost of settling your loan

2. A variable fee to cover any loss derived from breaking the funding associated with your loan. To find out more information on early repayment fees, please refer to the following fact sheet.


Default and collection fees

Default interest Your annual interest rate plus 5% 

We may charge you default interest on the amount in default.

Default interest is calculated at the rate of 5% per annum plus the annual interest rate referred to in your contract. If you fail to make any payment on the due date, default interest rate is payable on the overdue amount from the due date until the date AA Money receives full payment of that overdue amount.

Dishonour fee $3.50 

Charged when a scheduled loan payment is dishonoured by your bank or when an automatic payment fails. The fee is payable and will be debited to your account at the time the relevant payment was due.

Late payment fee $60

Charged when a scheduled loan payment is not made on time and remains unpaid for seven days. The fee is payable and will be debited to your account seven days after the due date for payment.


Repossession costs

Repossession action fee $50 

We’ll charge you this fee if we have to commence repossession of the asset(s) taken as security. This fee will be debited to your account at the time repossession action is commenced.


Standard rates effective from 1 November 2023.

^Valid AA Membership must be presented upon application to receive AA Member discounted establishment fee. 

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