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Upcoming Vehicle Registration Fee / Rebate Changes

On 1 April, the New Zealand Government is set to introduce a range of fees or rebates for all new & used motor vehicles being registered in New Zealand for the first time. With the impending fee introductions there is an expected increase in demand for vehicles to be imported and compliance completed before the March 31st deadline.

Registration fees will be applied to traditional vehicles emitting upwards of 191g of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometre. On the contrary, all EVs (Electric Vehicle), Hybrids or PHEVs (Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle) will receive a rebate upon registration in New Zealand. This means that the average Japanese import will see an increase in price, unless it is a low emitting vehicle producing less than 191g of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometre.

To provide clarity - we’ve put together a list of examples of some everyday vehicles that will have an additional registration fee imposed, followed by a list of vehicles which will receive a rebate.

Fee Examples

SUBARU OUTBACK (2014) - 2.5I Wagon SLT, Petrol, CVT 2457cc 127kW – Fee = $1,207.50 used import

SUBARU LEGACY (2013–2014) - 2.5I SPORT, Petrol, CVT, station wagon, 2457cc 127kW – Fee = $1,207.50 used import

TOYOTA RAV4 (2015–2016) GXL SUV, Petrol, automatic, medium SUV, 2494cc 132kW – Fee = $1,466.25 used import

SUZUKI SWIFT (2005–2010) Petrol, automatic, hatchback, 1586cc – Fee = $862.50 used import

NISSAN NAVARA (2021–2022) ST, Diesel, automatic, 4x4 pickup / chassis cab, 2298cc 140kW – Fee = $3,047.50 NZ new

Rebate Examples

TOYOTA PRIUS (2012–2015) ALPHA Petrol Hybrid, CVT, 1797cc – Rebate = $1,140.48 used import

NISSAN NOTE (2013–2019) Petrol, CVT, hatchback, 1198cc – Rebate = $954.90 used import

NISSAN LEAF (2012–2015) Electric, CVT, hatchback, 80kW – Rebate = $3,450.00 used import

As shown above, this will result in increased costs associated with purchasing everyday cars commonly used by New Zealand families. The new fees coupled with increased shipping costs, compliance labour and parts will all contribute to the rising prices of used Japanese imports.

New Zealand’s vehicle fleet is aging, and as we look to replace our cars, it’s worthwhile acknowledging the increasing costs of vehicles that have traditionally been relatively cost-efficient to purchase and own. To help you make your decision when looking to purchase your next vehicle, you can check the rebate or registration fee for your prospective vehicle at

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